Charlie Villanueva Hides After Losing To Bosh In Twitter Battle

NBA/Total Pro Sports – While some are using Twitter to report on sportscasters’ flirting with trophy ladies, others have been using in the spirit of competition.  We have seen several instances of such with Shaq, but this time it was former Raptor teammates Chris Bosh (still with the team) and Charlie Villanueva (now with the Detroit Pistons) getting in on the act.

The two set up a competition between each other to see who could reach 50,000 Twitter followers first.  Bosh’s challenge to Villanueva ended up escalating into a larger competition.  Bosh, who has made a name for himself through YouTube and Twitter, reached the goal first, just hours prior to Villanueva, but it appears as though Charlie is not impressed.  He left the following message on his Twitter today at about 3pm ET regarding Bosh’s efforts to have members sign up multiple times:


Controversy?  Maybe so, judging by the clip it also appears as though Jay Crawford thinks Charlie went hiding after being beat by Bosh.  So how did Villanueva respond?


Here is the video.  You be the judge of who is cheating and who is hiding.

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