Jason Bay Left Wondering What Happened To “Oh Canada?”

jason-bay-oh-canadaTotal Pro Sports – “Oh Canada, Our home and native land.”  those are the words which kick off the Canadian national anthem, but among others, Jason Bay was left wondering what happened to them at the 2009 MLB All-Star Game in St. Louis.

While Sheryl Crow was in attendance to sing the American national anthem, a measly tape recording of the Canadian version, without lyrics, was played over the stadium speakers.  I guess even Major League Baseball and the St. Louis Cardinals are getting hit hard during these tough economic times.  I wonder if President Obama was made aware of this prior to throwing out the first pitch.

Jason Bay, the Red Sox star who was starting in the outfield, is from Canada, but recently got his American citizenship.  That did not stop him from voicing his opinion on the awkward anthem routine:

(T)hey just played a recording of the Canadian National Anthem instead of having somebody come in and sing it. That seemed strange, that they couldn’t find anybody in St. Louis who knew “Oh Canada.” Morneau and I could have done it if they really needed somebody.

If only they would have thought about that before.  After all, Justin Morneau and Jason Bay can’t be any worse at singing than Wade Boggs.  Or can they?

Hat Tip – [WEEI]

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