Shaq And Friends Make Tribute Video To Michael Jackson

Shaq And Friends Make Tribute Video To Michael JacksonTotal Pro Sports – Shaq‘s entertainment value continues to skyrocket.  His musical talent has long been known, but lately he has been impressing with his work in front, and behind, the camera.  Combining his acting and directing skills, Shaq got together with a group of his son’s friends inside his indoor basketball court to create a tribute video to the late, great, Michael Jackson.

Moving to the sound of MJ’s hit “Beat It,” Shaq and the gang string together a music video worthy of a YouTube Grammy.  Besides some odd instances of young boys pulling up their shirts and thrusting there pelvis as the camera zooms in (and I could have sworn I saw one kid give “it” a smack), the video is quite impressive.

Not even Ron Artest had a music video prepared with his “Michael, Michael” song, but if he is looking for a cast, he may want to swing by Shaq’s house.

Here’s the video (thrusting smack at 1.15 mark).

Hat Tip Video – [NESWSports]

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