Prince Fielder Hitting What Kinds Of Home Runs?

Prince Fielder Hitting What Kinds Of Home Runs?Total Pro Sports – Fresh off his victory at the 2009 MLB Home Run Derby, Prince Fielder showed everyone that there is no he is not about to experience any sort of a power outage.  But rather than hitting you typical home runs, Fielder is sending a special breed of dingers out of the park.  Jack Off Homers!

The TPS crew was out enjoying a Thursday night at Wegz Stadium Bar in Maple, Ontario, and during our time there we often take a moment to read the ticker for the latest updates in the sporting world.  While doing so, we noticed a rather odd comment made following the score between the Milwaukee Brewers and the Cincinnati Reds:

Prince Fielder Smashes Three-run Jack Off Homer Bailey In Third Inning

We understand what the phrase is intended to say, but you would think that those who post such things up on the ticker would re-read the phrase out loud to themselves.  Well I guess that wasn’t the case, but heck, there is nothing wrong with hitting a “jack off homer” these days.

I would expect more of those to be hit at Dodger Stadium while Denise Milani is in the crowd.  What better way to flatter such a woman than by showing off such a powerful stroke.

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