Video Of Pacman Making It Rain At Strip Club

Video Of Pacman Making It Rain At Strip ClubTotal Pro Sports – We have all heard the story about Adam “Pacman” Jones making it rain in a Las Vegas strip club February 19th, 2007, which led to the shooting outside.  Now there is video footage of what went on in the club before the shots were fired.

The clip is amateur footage taken by a visitor in the club.  The night was a busy one filled with many celebrities and athletes in attendance for the NBA’s All-Star weekend.  Along with Jones was rappers Nelly and Jermaine Dupri.  Unfortunately we didn’t catch Michael Phelps lurking around looking for some strippers to bang.

The video shows scenes of the strippers dancing around and Pacman “making it rain” on them with his dollar bills.  At one point he is joined on stage by Nelly, who has a stack of 10,000 one-dollar bills.  As they make it rain, some of the women continue dancing while others begin to pick up the money.  That seemed to anger Jermaine Dupri, who got on the mic and lashed out at the strippers, telling them to continue dancing.  Apparently some of them did not follow his orders and that’s when things turned nasty.

What did they expect to happen when they throw thousands of dollars at the women?  Why couldn’t they just be peaceful in their money throwing, like Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian?  Had Marcus Spears been there, maybe he could have talked some sense into Pacman, or at least take some of the heat off him.

Hat Tip Video – [Review Journal]

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