Freak Accident Takes Life Of Formula 2 Driver Henry Surtees

Freak Accident Takes Life Of Formula 2 Driver Henry Surtees

Total Pro Sports – Auto racing can be quite the hazardous sport.  Even when it doesn’t involve giant school buses making their way around a figure-eight track.  Yesterday we were once again reminded of the real dangers associated with the sport.

Henry Surtees, son of former F1 champion John Surtees, was killed during a race at Brands Hatch in England when he was struck in the head by a tire from another car.  Jack Clarke had spun out just seconds earlier, hitting the wall at the exit of Westfield Bend.  The crash caused his tire to come loose and bounce across the track, where it wold eventually hit Surtees in the head.  The blow knocked him unconscious and sent him into the wall.  Surtees was taken from his car and airlifted to a neaby hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Earlier in the weekend, Surtees had claimed his first career podium finish as part of the F2 double-race weekend.  He was 18-years of age.

This news of another fatality in motor sports has come all too soon.  Earlier in the year NASCAR Mexico driver Carlos Pardo was killed as he crashed, just moments after crossing the finish line in first place.  This weekend we also witnessed the gruesome crash of Cam Sinclair on a dirt bike while performing a double backflip in a competition.  He was in critical condition but has seen some improvement.

Now the racing world has lost another one of its members.  We here at TPS would like to pass on our condolences to the family and friends of Henry Surtees.  It is sad to see his life cut short at such a young age, but perhaps we can all take some solace in the fact that he died doing what he loved.

Here is footage of the horrific accident.

Hat Tip Video – [SportsRubbish]

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