New Getafe Kit Has Players Showing Love For The Burger King

burger-king-getafe-kit-11Total Pro Sports – Chalk this one up as another WTF moment in the world of sports.  Spanish soccer club Getafe has a new kit and it has the face of the King all over it.  The Burger King that is.

Burger King is the new sponsor of Getafe for the upcoming season and that means the popular BK symbol will be plastered on the front of the team’s jerseys, but wait.  That is not all.  The home of the Whopper added a little something else to the fun.

As if soccer celebrations were not interesting enough already, Burger King has spiced things up for the Getafe players and fans.  On the inside of the jersey, a picture of the King’s face was placed for goal celebrations.  What better way to express you excitement after a goal against Barcelona than by running around sporting a lazy-eyed Burger King face over your own.  It’s almost as good as porn star Natalia Zeta‘s celebration, which involves no shirt at all.

And just in case they aren’t sure how to use it properly, each kit comes with instructions on how to properly celebrate a goal with the King.  Something tells me Ronald McDonald soccer shoes are right around the corner.


The new Burger King kit

The face of the King

The face of the King



Hat Tip – [Dirty Tackle]

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