Andrea McNulty’s Sex Suit Against Ben Roethlisberger Gets Even More Confusing

andrea-mcnulty-21Total Pro Sports – So you have likely heard about the story of Big Ben Roethlisberger‘s sexual law suit which was filed by Andrea McNulty, an employee at Harrah’s Hotel in Lake Tahoe.

The news was delivered last night just after 7 o’clock by Pro Football Talk, who stated that a suit has been filed in Nevada against Roethlisberger and several other’s who may have worked with McNulty, but details remain unclear as to what his connection to the case is.

McNulty claims that Roethlisberger lured her into a hotel room and sexually assaulted her, but Big Ben claims that it was consensual.  His lawyer had the following to say about the incident:

“The timing of the lawsuit and the absence of a criminal complaint and a criminal investigation are the most compelling evidence of the absence of any criminal conduct.” [PFT]

This has led several individuals and media outlets to be skeptical of the charges.  Even ESPN was not buying it and released a “do not report” memo to all its outlets and reporters, which stated the following:

“WE HAVE BEEN TOLD BY RELIABLE SOURCES THIS REPORT IS NOT TRUE.  We did NOT report it yesterday.  Today, the NFL responded to the report, saying even if Favre did this he did not break any league rules.  We are NOT reporting it today, because that would mean airing the erroneous report.  DO NOT REPORT IT.” [PFT]

This would help explain why ESPN has yet to report the incident on their television or their website.

Now, in the latest edition of this saga, TMZ is reporting some rather interesting facts about the turbulent life of Mcnulty:

Sources connected with the case tell us a former co-worker of McNulty’s at Harrah’s came forward with this incredible story — that around the time McNulty hooked up with Roethlisberger, she was allegedly involved with a married man. The man’s wife, we’re told, created an email account, posing as a U.S. soldier in Iraq. The wife began corresponding with McNulty to gain information. We’re told the former co-worker has said McNulty fell in love with the fictitious soldier and began telling people she was engaged to him. When the wife stopped the correspondence, McNulty then began telling people the soldier was killed in action.

We’re told McNulty told at least one co-worker she began seeing a psychiatrist because of the phantom soldier. [TMZ]

Where the next turn in this case will take us?  I don’t even want to know.  Let’s just hope it doesn’t end with a sexual assult rap, like the one that came out of Kobe Bryant‘s case.  Stay tuned!

In the mean time, here are some pics of a woman TMZ claims to be Andrea McNulty.

Andrea McNulty

Andrea McNulty

Andrea McNulty

Andrea McNulty

Andrea McNulty

Andrea McNulty

Hat Tip Pics – [TMZ]

[Pro Football Talk]

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