Laker Girl’s Healthy Eating Includes Carl’s Jr. Burgers

Laker Girls Healthy Eating Includes Carls Jr BurgersTotal Pro Sports – It’s that time of year.  With the start of the NBA, NFL and NHL seasons only a few months away, training camps are beginning and decisions must be made regarding who will make the final cut, and who is going to get sent home.

Not only are the athletes subjected to try-outs these days, but the cheerleaders and dancers are also looking to get in on the fun by making the cut and rooting for the home team throughout the season, and maybe even doing a bit of grinding with the team mascot.  That brings us to the Laker Girls auditions in El Segundo, where more than 500 ladies showed up and are competing for no more than 22 spots.

Being a cheerleader is not all fun and games by the pool.  It can be a demanding few days, and in order to get through it, most of the ladies have worked their bodies into tip-top shape.  That means a great deal of exercise and a healthy diet.  So since when is Carl’s Jr. considered to be part of a “healthy diet?”

This clip was taken at the Laker Girl try-outs and the girls are asked several questions (not by USC safety Taylor Mays), including what they feel is an important quality for a Laker Girl to have, and what they do to get prepared.  With many of the ladies saying a healthy diet is key, we are left to wonder why many of them flee to the Carl’s Jr. mobile for lunch.  And in case you are wondering, the popular mean of the day was the Western Bacon Cheeseburger, a.k.a heart attack in a bun.

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