Matt Baker Records 6 Second Controversial KO At King Of The Cage


Total Pro Sports – For some, six seconds is not even enough to make it to the center of the ring (unless you are Jose Aldo).  For Matt Baker, it was all the time he needed to knock out his opponent, Brandon Sauve.

This past weekend marked another edition of King of the Cage in Edmonton, Alberta, and the KO of the night belonged to Baker.  Unfortunately, it comes with some controversy.

The fighters met at the center of the ring to listen to instructions from the ref, touched gloves, and headed back to their respective corners.  As the fight began, they both approached the middle of the ring, and Sauve seemingly placed his hand out to touch gloves again as a show of sportsmanship, but Baker was having none of that.

He ducked under the outstretched arm of Sauve, and gave him a right to the head knocking him to the ground.  Baker jumped all over the opportunity and ended the fight just seconds later.  It was no Henderson vs. Bisping, but it was entertaining none the less.

Many may think that it was a cheap move on the part of Baker, but how many times do we need to see fighters touch gloves?  Once the bell goes, the only things those mitts should be touching is their opponents face!  Sauve learned that the hard way Saturday night.

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