Move Over Jessica! Michelle Johnson Is Tony Romo’s New Jinx

Michelle Johnson Is Tony Romo's New JinxTotal Pro Sports – Dallas Cowboy fans were likely rejoicing after word got out that their starting quarterback, Tony Romo, parted ways with Jessica Simpson (at least he still has the upskirt pics to look back on).  Well not so fast!  It looks like there may be a new jinx in town, and this one has a bit more mileage on her.

Meet Michelle Johnson, the 43-year-old actress whose face was being sucked dry by Romo at L.A.’s Sunset Marquis Hotel, one night after he broke up with Jessica.  If you don’t recognize her, it is likely because you have been born with the last 50 years.

The reason for Romo and Jessica’s breakup remains in question.  Some believe it is because Romo found text messages from John Mayer on her phone, and others believe it was because of Tony’s unwillingness to propose and his lack of enthusiasm towards her birthday celebration plans.  Whatever it was, it goes without saying that they were the best bet for celebrity couple to break up first.  Hope you all made your wagers in time!

As for Michelle, she does have some nude seens worth mentioning in the 1984 movie “Blame it on Rio.” Unfortunately, that was 25 years ago.  Things tend to go south over time, so don’t expect an Erin Andrews-like body.

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