Terrell Owens Shows The World His Smooth Moves

the-to-show1Total Pro Sports – Last night many of us were witnesses to the premiere of The T.O. Show, and as you may have expected, it was dreadful.  We already knew that the man was in love with himself (who else talks about their day on the afternoon news), but now it may have come to the point of overly-obsessed.  Does the man even own a shirt?  He may want to try wearing it for the second episode.

Aside from all the abs, whining, and other things you would classify as “typical T.O.,” there was some smooth operating from the Buffalo Bills’ wideout as well.  After his best friends/publicists, Kita Williams and Monique Jackson, convince him to move to Los Angeles and “find himself,” Terrell Owens does just that.

So where does he end up finding himself?  How about in a hot tub with his hot Asian real estate agent.  Is there a better way to close a deal than sex in the hot tub at the house you just finished selling?  I guess it is a lot easier to find a home in Los Angeles than it is in Buffalo.  I wonder if Jessica White knows about these sales tactics?

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