Hugh Hefner: “I Don’t Know Who LeBron Is”

hugh-hefner-i-dont-know-who-lebron-isTotal Pro Sports – Who would have thought that being around so many hot women with great breasts and asses would have you completely detached from the world of sports?

That seems to be the case for Hugh Hefner as a simple “Kobe or LeBron” question turned out to be a difficult one for the founder of Playboy Magazine. was on hand at the Playboy Mansion’s SportsDream Celebrity Poker Party asking athletes, celebrities and Playboy models who they thought was better, Lebron James or Kobe Bryant.  It seemed to be a split decision after asking the likes of Andre Iguodala, Tyson Chandler, Chad Ochocinco and Warren Moon, but the real shocker came when Hef and his ladies were asked about their opinion.

After Hugh Hefner and one of his girlfriends chose Kobe, the other two ladies went with LeBron.  That was when the first girlfriend stated “I don’t know who LeBron is,” and Hef’s reply was the following:

“I don’t either.  That’s what a sports fan I am.”

We can’t blame you Hef.  With ladies like that around all day, who need sports in their life.  Just don’t tell Kendra Wilkinson that.  Maybe he can catch the LeBron video on TMZ tonight to get a little more familiar.

Hat Tip Video – [The Hoop Doctors]

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