Robber Sacked By Edmonton Eskimos’ Kitwana Jones

kitwana-jonesTotal Pro Sports – Need proof that CFL players are more than just a bunch of over-celebratory  B-leaguers?  For that we bring you the case of Kitwana Jones, the Edmonton Eskimos’ defensive back who gets up pretty early in the morning to serve his community’s citizens.

The incident happened early Tuesday morning at around 6:45.  Jones was in his car listening to music when he heard a woman screaming, which caught his attention.

According to Edmonton police, a man had approached a woman in her 50s, demanding she give him her purse and laptop. There was a short struggle and the man ran off with the woman’s belongings.  An unidentified witness took chase, then Jones joined in and they brought the mugger down in an alley, according to the Edmonton Sun.

Jones was the talk of the Eskimos’ practice and had members of the media waiting around for his story of how things went down:

“I’m saying, ‘Is somebody going to stop this guy? Nobody’s going to stop this guy!’…So it was like, ‘Hey KJ, you got to do what you got to do, go ahead and stop him,’ so I ran him down, hit him in the back of the head and he’s behind bars now.

“I had to run him down, I didn’t even get a good stretch in or anything.  I’m mad, I’m like, ‘Why are you out here trying to rob old women who really are trying to make an honest living, going to work?’, and he just laughed.”

The unidentified witness and Jones held down the mugger until police arrived.  No one was hurt during the incident and a 29-year-old man was charged with robbery.

With Edmonton giving up 90 points in their last two games, that is likely the first successful tackle an Eskimos’ defensive back has made in quite some time.  For the sake of their season, hopefully it wont be the last.

Great job Kitwana!

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