Since When Did Opening Pitches Become So Political?

eric-bolling-opening-pitchTotal Pro Sports – Since President Barack Obama threw out the opening pitch for the MLB All-Star game, there seems to have been a lot of fire thrown his way from right-wing conservatives regarding his arm strength.  Fox News was all over the story, and they couldn’t get enough of the fact that the ball ALMOST bounced before reaching the plate.

On of their members, Eric Bolling, used Twitter to insult Obama’s hurl and received some heat from others about the comment:


Well Eric got his chance to show the President up on Sunday, and the people at Fox News wasted no time comparing the two attempts.  Of course their man at Fox was the better of the two, and Eric even reminded us about how he “throws from the right, whereas Obama throws from the left.”

You would think that after seeing the lies of Baba Booey, Avril Lavigne and Mr. T throw out rather weak opening pitches, Obama’s wicked curveball would possible get some love.  Then again, this is Fox we are talking about.  As far as they arr concerned, Obama’s arm is likely the new major cause of the economic recession.

Let me guess.  If only he knew how to throw from the right! Right?

Well he may not be able to throw a “strike”, but at least Obama can spell it!

Hat Tip – [Fox Business]

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