Bill O’Reilly Angered Over Erin Andrews Peephole Tape, Shows Clip Anyways

bill-oreilly-angered-over-erin-andrews-peephole-tape-shows-clip-anywaysTotal Pro Sports – Being a sports blog, we don’t get to talk much about Bill O’Reilly.  In fact, we never get to talk about the popular member of the Fox New Network, but now we can, thanks to the Erin Andrews peephole video.

The always-right-in-his-own-mind host of the O’Reilly Factor spoke about the video yesterday on his show, and for once I must admit that I somewhat agree with him.  Peeping is wrong, it is even worse when those taking part in it put the footage on the internet for everyone to see, and it should be a felony.  What I am still wondering though is why the hell he and the people at Fox aired the clip at all last night.

There seemed to be no need to air such footage, but Fox did so anyways.  So now we will wait and see if ESPN takes any sort of action towards Rupert Murdoch and his people as a result.  Deadspin reported yesterday that ESPN has cut ties with The New York Post in light of their “decision to run graphic photos of ESPN reporter Erin Andrews.”   Will Fox receive a similar fate?

Bill throw in some of that “I’m not gonna show anymore video of it because this is ultra-disturbing and I think it’s a very serious crime” banter in there in an attempt to help his cause, but we aren’t buying it.  In fact, their whole discussion on the issue seemed rather irrelevant,as they simply stated the obvious.

“It is wrong!”  Ya, we know.

“It’s a very serious crime!”  Ya, we know.

“Women everywhere are going to be so paranoid and it’s 2009.  Unfotunately, there are cameras everywhere and I guess you just have to pretty much keep your clothes on or stay in shape!”  Yes…I mean, WHAT?  Interesting analysis from Courtney Friel.  Haven’t heard that one yet.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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