Incredible 9th Inning Catch By Dewayne Wise Saves Perfect Game For Mark Buehrle

Dewayne Wise Saves Perfect Game For Mark BuehrleTotal Pro Sports – Those outfielders in Chicago aren’t only about making bad plays that lose your team the game.  Leave that to the Cubs and Milton Bradley.  At the south end of the city, we have Dewayne Wise out there patrolling the field, and Thursday afternoon he was busy protecting Mark Buehrle‘s perfect game and the 5-0 victory.

With no hits or walks recorded by the Tampa Bay Rays’ hitters though eight innings, Gabe Kapler stepped to the plate to lead off the ninth.  With the count at 2-2, it appeared as though Kapler had broken both the perfect game and the shutout with one swing of the bat.  That was before Wise raced back to the wall and made the leaping grab.

Two batters later and Buehrle became the 18th player in MLB history to record a perfect game.  We have seen some great plays these past couple of weeks by both players and the fans in the stands, but with the implications that Wise’s catch had on the game, this likely has to be a favorite for baseball’s play of the year.  Let the debate begin.

In the mean time, here is footage of the great catch.