Tim Tebow A Virgin, Says He’s Waiting For Marriage (Audio)

tim-tebow-a-virginTotal Pro Sports – Who would have known, but I guess along with his student card, drivers license and VISA, Tim Tebow has also been carrying around his V-Card.  At least that is what he was telling Clay Travis of FanHouse.  I guess the Tim Tebow panties never came off when he was with his rather hot girlfriend.

This news is somewhat shocking when you consider the fact that Tebow is college football’s most popular player, and he plays at Florida University, a school with no shortage of incredibly hot women.  If this “waiting for marriage” thing is not a lie, then what is the point of opting to stay in school for another year?

Following Tebow’s surprising answer, Travis spread the news through his Twitter.


He also described the whole ordeal in a post not long after:

We already knew Tim Tebow had the ability to kill a man with a forearm and get popcorn to pop by staring at kernels, now he’s given yet another example of his superhuman powers. The most popular player in SEC history is saving himself for marriage. Unbelievable. I asked him this afternoon, and he didn’t even blink before responding. He handled it masterfully, deftly. He even said he wasn’t surprised to get the question. Talk about unflappable. [FanHouse]

Giving the cold shoulder to hundreds (maybe even thousands) of hot women who want to sack you in bed.  It doesn’t get more superhuman than that. Now we are left to see what opposing defenses have to say about it.

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