Top Pick Matthew Stafford Enjoys Beach, Babes, Breasts, and Booze

matt-stafford-boobsTotal Pro Sports – They say a picture tells a thousand words.  I can easily think of four in this picture of Detroit Lions quarterback of the future, Matthew Stafford:

Beach, Babes, Booze and Boobs.  Sounds like an Arizona State cheerleader party, minus Hugh Jackman.

I guess life is good when you are the NFL’s first overall pick.  Enjoy it now Matt.  It will get a whole lot worse once you take your first snap under center for the lowly Lions.

Stafford was out and about enjoying the off season when he got in on this pic with some lovely ladies that will make you say “thank god for skimpy swimwear.”  The airbags growing on the girl to his right would likely come in handy for him this upcoming season.

Hat Tip Pic – [YepYep]

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