Tale Of The Tapes: The Erin Andrews Peephole vs. The LeBron James Dunk

<a href="http://www.totalprosports.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/07 What To Do When Your Ex Girlfriend Is Dating Your Friend /erin-andrews-and-lebron-james.jpg”>Erin Andrews and LeBron JamesTotal Pro Sports – Over the past week or so, we have been blessed with the unveiling of not one, but two tapes that will forever be entrenched in the history of the sports blogosphere.

It all started last Friday when we were treated to the creepy (yet incredibly hot) peephole video of ESPN sports reporter Erin Andrews as she curled her hair, ironed, and got a squat or two in there as well.  It has since received an enormous amount of attention.  Even Bill O’Reilly and the people at FOX News couldn’t resist the temptation of showing viewers a sample clip.

Then there was the footage of Jordan Crawford dunking on LeBron James at his Skills Academy.  Just when it seemed as though the clip would be kept from the public’s eye forever, a bidding war ensued, and finally both TMZ and eBaumNation displayed two different videos taken by anonymous spectators with their cell phones.

So now that the week is coming to an end and we have all had some time to digest both clips, it is time to settle this once and for all.  Which is the better clip?

It is difficult to set out an agenda for evaluating such, but we think we may have it.  There are five attributes that we will grade the videos on: clarity, originality, storyline, climax, and closure.  For each, we will explain what is being judged, and our evaluation of each clip, followed by a score out of 10.  At the end, we will make closing remarks and provide the final tally.  Highest score wins.  Here we go!


This is based on how clear the video is visually.  Can we see what is going on?  Can we identify the individuals involved without straining our eyes or using grandma’s coke-bottle glasses?

Erin Andrews Peephole – Had Erin, or her attorney, not come out and stated that it was in fact her in the video, no one would have known.  After all, the video had been on the internet for quite some time before anyone even made the assumption it was Erin Andrews.  And even then we would have continued to doubt its validity had her identity not been confirmed.  But now that we know, it is suddenly a whole lot easier to make out that gorgeous body, so that does help what otherwise would have been a low score.  6/10

LeBron James Dunk – At first we were given the TMZ version.  The clarity on that one is nothing more than a two or three out of ten.  But then eBaumNation came to the rescue and provided us with much more clarity from the other end of the court.  No more need for those circles, arrows, and labels provided by TMZ that made you think you are watching John Madden analyze an all-out blitz.  Now we can see everything we need to see.  Thanks eBaumNation!  9/10


How original is the video?  Is it the same old sex tape that seems to be the cool thing to do in celebrity circles?  Is it something completely new and out of this world?

Erin Andrews Peephole – A celebrity naked.  Nothing new.  But a peephole video taken by a creep of a hot sports reporter is something rather original to us all.  Unlike Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, or Pamela Anderson, who all knew they were being taped, Erin didn’t even know someone was watching her, let alone taping her.  Seems pretty original is you ask me.  8/10

LeBron James Dunk – Someone getting dunked on can be seen at almost any basketball game.  The big difference this time is it was on LeBron James, and better yet, it was performed by a guy in college.  That is enough to help the originality score somewhat, but I still say it is nothing new.  4/10


What is the story behind the clip?  How did it happen?  How did it get out?  What type of dramatic storylines has it produced since being revealed to the public?

Erin Andrews Peephole – As we previously stated, word came out last Friday that there is a peephole video of a hot chick that looks like Erin Andrews.  Since then it has been a roller-coaster of events.  Reports confirmed that it is in fact her.  Attorney’s of ESPN and Erin Andrews began threatening every website containing any sort of pic or clip of the incident with lawsuits.  The New York Post has been cut off by ESPN, and even Bill O’Reilly has got in on the action.  I think it’s fair to say that this video has developed quite the storyline.  8/10

LeBron James Dunk – just when you may have thought it couldn’t get any better, the LeBron James dunk video has provided one of the most intriguing storylines possible.  When word got out about the infamous dunk, we all wanted to see it, only to hear the news about Nike getting their hands on all the tapes in order to help LeBron save face.  We heard Jordan Crawford give his account, but still no tape.  Then news broke that it would be released by TMZ at 6:45 Wednesday night.  That plan was scrapped as they released it on their website a few hours earlier, but only to be outdone by a better version from eBaumNation.  And finally, today we heard about the bidding war that ensued.  Oh, and did we mention that even Kobe was talking about it?  Now that’s a story!  10/10


Was there a big moment, and did it serve its purpose of providing us all with something great?  Every great movie needs a strong climax!

Erin Andrews Peephole – Some may argue that this video doesn’t really have a climax.  I am going to argue that the entire thing is the climax.  And what a climax it is!  It’s pretty much a case of “pick your spot” for this one.  Erin ironing.  Erin squatting.  Erin ironing AND squatting.  Erin curling her hair.  Erin bending over.  They are all great.  I felt the climactic energy throughout the entire thing. 9/10

LeBron James Dunk – The climax in this one is easy to point out, but is it really that great?  It was an impressive dunk, but it just seems as though we were left hanging.  I for one was never really convinced.  It just didn’t have me jumping out of my seat.  Now that I think about it, I was maybe better off not seeing it at all.  This climax definitely didn’t live up to all the hype.  Maybe it was just one of those things where you had to be there to see it.  2/10


Does the video provide closure?  Can you leave satisfied, or did you get up out of your seat afterwards thinking, “I want more!”

Erin Andrews Peephole – Okay.  So I obviously left after watching this clip thinking “I want more!”  But who wouldn’t?  It’s Erin Andrews naked!  It did however provide closure for the many longtime wishes out there to see Erin Andrews naked.  You can’t complain about that, but maybe a sex tape in the near future wouldn’t be so bad?  Nothing wrong with being a little greedy. 7/10

LeBron James Dunk – This video definitely brought closure to all the drama that ensued following the news that LeBron had been dunked on by Crawford.  For that we must applaud it.  But it just didn’t give us what we thought we were going to get.  For that we are deducting a few points.  8/10

Final Roundup

Erin Andrews Peephole – A great video of a hot sports reporter that we would have otherwise likely never seen nude.  It also doesn’t hurt that her body was as great as we had all hoped.  38/50

LeBron James Dunk – It had all the hype in the world, but in the end, it just didn’t quite live up to it.  That doesn’t mean we weren’t happy to see it.  33/50


Erin Andrews Peephole It was close, but how can we not award a video with Erin Andrews completely naked.  Justice is served!

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