Keith Eloi Jumps Out Of A Pool Backwards!

Keith Eloi Jumps Out Of A Pool BackwardsTotal Pro Sports – Last time we saw Keith Eloi of the Washington Redskins he was jumping into the back of a closed pickup truck wearing flip-flops.  Now he is back again, and more impressive than ever.

We have seen others such as BJ Penn and Jarron Gilbert jump out of a three-foot pool.  In fact, after BJ did so, a member of his entourage stated that he was only the third person to accomplish such a feat.  Well I am  almost guaranteeing that Eloi is the first to do it backwards, and he may be the only one who can.

You have to believe that the Redskins may have found themselves quite the hidden gem with Eloi.  An undrafted wide receiver prospect out of Nebraska-Omaha, he made his way onto the team after an impressive mini-camp.  Now that he has a spot on the off season roster, he will once again be given the opportunity to show the Redskins’ coaching staff what he can do on the field.  Should they be unimpressed with that, he can always give them a copy of this clip.

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