Leif Olson Hits Incredible Bank Shot Hole-In-One At Canadian Open


Total Pro Sports – He didn’t need to break out the pool cue, but Leif Olson‘s tee shot on the par-3 15th looked more like something you would see at the billiards table rather than the golf course.  Let’s just say this is golf’s shot of the year thus far.  If you thought hitting a man in the ass with a driver off the tee was hard, you haven’t seen anything yet.

Sitting at -5, Olson stepped into the tee box and did what most would define as impossible, unless of course you’re Charles Barkley.  Landing his shot on the green, it would get a bit of help from his playing partner’s ball (which was about 7 feet from the hole), and head directly towards the cup.  That trick shot would not only place him at 7-under par, but it also earned Olson a BMW Z4 Roadster.  There aren’t may who can hit a shot like that, but we do know one hot blond who may be up to the task.

We have seen some amazing things on the golf course before (aside from John Daly‘s wardrobe), but this shot is in a league of its own.  What makes it that much more interesting is the fact that Olson has earned $19,512 thus far this year on the tour.  The BMW he was awarded for the hole-in-one is valued over $50,000.  I think it’s safe to say that Saturday was quite the payday for the 28-year-old American.