Bas Rutten Puts Hardcore Sports Radio’s Cam Stewart To Sleep


Total Pro Sports – Let the assault on sports reporters continue. First Cris “Cyborg” Santos put Aaron Tru of MMA Worldwide to sleep.  Then Gina Carano choked out John Brenkus of Sports Science.  This time we have Bas Rutten getting his arms around the neck of “The Raging Redhead”, Cam Stewart.

In one of the most hilarious sports reporting clips thus far this year, Stewart was sent into dreamland within seconds, as you would expect from anyone being chocked out by Rutten.  After hitting a couple of notes with his snoring, Stewart popped up and began freaking out.  Luckily Gabe Morency was standing by with the the show’s famous gong.

So how did Cam describe the experience?  For starters, he stated the feeling was similar to that of “pins and needles.”  He also went on to say it felt as though he was on cat tranquilizers.

Hmmmmm…We aren’t even going to ask how he knows what that feels like.

Great job by Cam for hanging in there and as Morency put it, “taking one for the team.”  Not even Brian Urlacher could have done that (clip below).  To catch more of this classic sports radio duo, watch them weeknights on The Score Television Network at 5pm ET, or listen to them at Hardcore Sports Radio (Sirius Channel 98).

Here is the clip.

Here is Rutten describing his close encounter with Urlacher on The Best Damn Sports Show Period.

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