B.J. Penn Has A Message For You: Just Say No To Steroids

bj-penn-has-a-message-for-you-just-say-no-to-steroidsTotal Pro Sports – BJ Penn has a message for all you kids out there.  Have you ever dreamed of being able to jump out of a 3-foot pool?  Or how about being able to put your leg behind your head without using your hands?  Well he has done both of the above.  So what’s his secret?  Don’t do steroids!

Yes, steroids may actually help you achieve such feats even quicker that originally anticipated, but as BJ said, “it’s not good,”  and the man is right.  If only guys like A-Rod and Manny Ramirez had listened to such advice.

BJ has been finding himself in several home made videos lately.  This one came after his ab workouts.  He states that someone mentioned the use of steroids during the workout and now he is just clearing the air.  The man may be a baby at times, but we are going to applaud BJ here for the strong message.  Maybe his own anti-steroid campaign is right around the corner.

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