Kansas City Wizards’ Claudio Lopez Scores From 60 Yards Out

kansas-city-wizards-claudio-lopez-scores-from-60-yards-outTotal Pro Sports – Earlier today we showed you a Ronaldo shot attempt gone bad.  This time we are here to bring you a Claudio Lopez shot gone good.  Very Good!

I guess David Beckham isn’t the only one who can bend it in from long distances, and while he has been busy fighting with hometown fans, Claudio Lopez of the Kansas City Wizards was busy filling the net with highlight reel shots.  What makes this one even more remarkable is it came from his own half of the field.

Off a Los Angeles Galaxy corner kick, the ball is cleared out to center by a Wizards’ player.  After misplaying the ball, Lopez looks to cash in on the Galaxy defender’s mistake, taking a shot at goal from just inside center.  L.A. goalkeeper Donovan Ricketts backpedals and makes a diving attempt, but can’t get enough of the looping ball, which makes its way across the line.

Just to add a little salt in the wound, Ricketts had to leave the game after the goal due to an injury he sustained trying to prevent it.  We think he may have suffered a bruised self-esteem, and a shattered self-confidence.  How long that will keep him on the sidelines remains to be seen.

Don’t worry Donovan.  You shouldn’t feel worse than Icasa’s goalie Ari did after this own goal.

Here is the clip of Lopez’s remarkable 60-footer.

Hat Tip Video – [Rumors and Rants]

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