Marcus Aurelio’s Delivers Capoeira Kick For Unreal MMA KO


Total Pro Sports – It seems as though every time we think we have seen the MMA KO of the year, someone else comes around the following week and gives us an even better candidate for the prestigious award.  It started of with Yahir Reyes‘ spinning backfist.  Then we witnessed Chad Leonhardt‘s vicious knee at Bellator IX, but that was soon to be outdone by the the flying knee of Jose Aldo at WEC 41.  And only a few weeks ago, Dan Henderson connected on an overhand right knocking Michael Bisping out cold.

Although those were all impressive knockouts, I think it is safe to say they have been outdone by the remarkable creativity, and unorthodox style of Marcus “Lelo” Aurelio.  They call it Capoeira, a Brazilian style of martial arts, but whatever it was, you can bet Keegan Marshall never wants to see it again.

As the bell rings, Aurelio opens with some wild spinning crescent kicks, and a few other moves that are rarely seen in MMA fights.  Then he attempts consecutive Capoeira kicks, the first one missing but the second connecting squarely on the chin of Marshall, knocking him out.  Who knew all that jumping around would actually work?  Too bad it didn’t happen the same way in the movie Bloodsport.

Here is the kick. 

And in case you were wondering, here is the clip from Bloodsport.

Hat Tip video – [Chicago MMA]

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