Ronaldo Has Gone From Great Goal Scorer To Embarassing Free Kick Taker


Total Pro Sports – It was long ago when Ronaldo was leading his Brazilian International soccer club to the 2002 World Cup, and breaking the career World Cup goal scoring record at the 2006 tournament in Germany.

He has since stumbled somewhat into soccer obscurity, going back to his home country Brazil to play with Corinthians.  That didn’t stop us from finding this amusing clip of his free kick attempt  against Vitória.

As three Cornthian players line up over the ball, one fakes the kick, leaving it for an oncoming Ronaldo, but just as he is about to step into it, he slips and falls to the ground.  It looks as though all that extra weight he has been scrutinized for was too much to balance.  We may be used to seeing Brazilians, like Falcão, score unreal goals, but even the samba kings of soccer have their sour moments.  Just don’t be surprised to see some sort of retaliation to this from the Argentines.

Hat Tip Video – [Extra Mustard]

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