Ronnie Renner Sets New Big Air World Record In Chicago

ronnie-renner-sets-new-big-air-world-record-in-chicagoTotal Pro Sports – It seems as though the Red Bull team is up for just about anything these days.  Whether it is NASCAR’s Brian Vickers performing a pit stop in the middle of Time Square in New York, Robbie Maddison doing a backflip across the Tower Bridge in London, or Reggie Bush soaring through the sky in a Red Bull Air Racing plane, there seems to be no limit some athletes will travel.

That was the case with Ronnie Renner this past weekend at Chicago’s Grant Park.  You may have heard someone tell you “the sky’s the limit.”  That doesn’t apply for Renner, and what did he have to say about it?  “Red Bull give you wings, it just gave me some.”

Looking to break his own quarterpipe big air Guiness World Record, Ronnie set off and did just that, soaring above the onlooking crowd at a height of 63′ 5″.  What a perfect promotional tool for the popular energy drink.  I wonder if they told him to say that at the end?

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