Arm Wrestling Match Turns In Disgusting Broken Arm

Arm Wrestling Match Turns In Disgusting Broken Arm

Total Pro Sports – I tried to watch this, then I saw a short glimpse of the man they call “King Turbo” break his arm.  Next I tried simply listening to the clip, but you can still hear the snap.  So now I have given up.  I wont describe it too much.  I’ll just tell you that if you have a weak stomach, or aren’t into seeing bones break, this video below or this video probably isn’t for you.

Reminiscent of the types of leg breaks we have observed in soccer matches, or even occasionally in MMA rings, this clip shows just how painful sports can be.  The only difference this time is you can actually hear the break, rather than just see it.

The second annual Battle of the Biceps was where it all took place.  Just when it seemed as though King Turbo was headed on to the next round, “SNAP.”  I guess that’s what defeat sounds like in arm wrestling rings.  I’m more of a fan of the bell, horn or whistle to be honest.

Hat Tip Video – [Deadspin]

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