Florida Panthers’ VP Uri Man Hit On Fox News Anchor Ainsley Earhardt

ainsley-earhardt-and-uri-manTotal Pro Sports -For our “smooth operator of the day” we go to Florida Panthers VP Uri Man, who showed that the art of seduction does not require a fully-clothed dry-hump, a la Quinton “Rampage” Jackson.

During an interview regarding “finding jobs in the current economy,” Man took the time to compliment FOX News anchor Ainsley Earhardt on her yellow outfit.  He even went on to mention the university which she attended and when asked how he was aware of such  information, stated “I’ve read about you.”

That sounds like a creepy, but less up-front way of saying “I’m stalking you.”

Earhardt followed the interview by asking whether Uri was hitting on her.  Yes he was, and judging by her giddy reaction, it seems to have worked.

At a time when the stock of female reporters is at its highest following the Erin Andrews peephole incident, Earhardt’s great looks have caught the attention of Man.  That may not be as easy as it sounds when you consider he is the VP of an NHL team whose female fan base is not afraid to flash their funbags at home games.

Here is a clip of the interview.

Hat Tip Video – [SportsByBrooks] via [The World of Isaac]

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