Peru Women’s Volleyball Squad Use Soccer Skills To Win Amazing Point

Volleyball Squad Use Soccer Skills To Win Amazing PointTotal Pro Sports – Seemingly taking a play from the books of Claudio Lopez, Elena Keldivekova of Peru used her soccer skills and strong legs to turn what looked like a point for Argentina, into one for her own team.

When we talk about women’s volleyball, it is usually with regards to an incredibly hot player in a rather revealing uniform.  This time it is all about the game, so you know it must be good.  After one of the Peru players made an nice dig on the Argentina spike, Keldivekova found herself well behind the back line and with no choice but to boot the ball over her head, hoping she could land it on the other side of the net.  Mission accomplished!

Just to make sure such an effort did not go without being rewarded, the Peru players got back to the net and stuffed the following spike attempt from Argentina to win the point.

What makes this even greater is the commentary, who help give the impression that we are in fact watching soccer rather than volleyball.  Is it just me or do I really hear a “Gooooooaaaaaaaaaallll” in there as well?

Hat Tip Video – [Extra Mustard]

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