Delwyn Young Makes Catch Of The Year, Ump Doesn’t Think So [Video]

Delwyn Young Makes Catch Of The Year

Total Pro Sports – Luckily Tim Lincecum was on the mound for the San Francisco Giants, preventing any sort of increased controversy over this blown call.  Whether the incredible barehanded catch made by the Pittsburgh Pirates’ Delwyn Young will be considered for catch of the year nominations remains in question after second base umpire Dale Scott mistakenly ruled that the ball hit the ground.

It was less than a week ago when Dewayne Wise was climbing the outfield wall to save Mark Buehrle‘s perfect game.  Last night in San Francisco it was Young who would make the highlight reel with an outstanding diving play reminiscent of those made by female Giants’ fans.

With Randy Winn at the plate in the second inning, the Giants were already up 3-0.  That was when he connected just enough with a Paul Maholm pitch to line it just over the Pirates’ infield.  Rightfielder Garrett Jones made a partial diving attempt on the ball, but had it bounce off his glove, then his left knee, followed by his left foot, and finally into the bare hand of a diving Delwyn Young.

Replays show that it was clearly a catch, but Scott didn’t believe that to be the case, and another Giant run would score on the play before an overanxious Winn was tagged out on his way to second base.  The Pirates definitely got shafted on this one, but that should be expected.  When you are as bad as they are, no one really expects you to make such a great play.

This season we have seen some spectacular diving catches (even Joba Chamberlain has got in on the act), but none had the type of teamwork shown in this particular instance.  I’d assume that Young anticipated that bounce because he knew Jones was not capable of making the catch, especially after his gaff on the previous play, which allowed two runs to score.  If only umpire Dale Scott had seen it coming as well.

Hat Tip Photo Via – [Detroit4Lyfe]