Shaquille O’Neal Lays the ShaqDown on WWE Monday Night Raw

Shaq fights The Big Show on WWE Monday Night RawTotal Pro Sports – The Clevland Cavaliers’ newly aquired center continues to prepare himself for life after basketball.  The latest stop of his summer tour had him on WWE’s Monday Night Raw, where he kissed Chris Jericho, met up with an old high school friend who is now a leprechaun, and went toe to toe with The Big Show, who is still big, even when beside Shaq.

How the Big Diesel found time between his scheduled game of H.O.R.S.E with B.Manley and his music video productions is unknown, but he made it.  That allowed WWE President Vince McMahon to refrain from settling with an impersonator, although such a plan did work out well last time with Denver Nuggets owner Stan Kroenke.

Shaq also managed to make his way into the featured match of the night when he encountered The Big Show in the center of the ring.  After exchanging one-handed chokes, Shaq would eventually toss the giant through the ropes.  Much to the delight of Cavs’ star LeBron James, GM Danny Ferry, and coach Mike Brown, no injuries were sustained.

Giants, leprechauns and a whole lot of bad acting.  The WWE sounds like just the place for Shaq.

Here is a clip of Shaq kissing Jericho.

The Big Diesel’s encounter with Hornswoggle.

Shaq and The Big Show go at it.

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