Alex Ovechkin To Quit NHL For 2014 Olympics?

alex-ovechkin-to-quit-nhl-for-2014-olympicsTotal Pro Sports – Winning the Stanley Cup is the goal most hockey players have when they begin playing the sport.  They dream of hoisting it (and maybe throwing in an expletive while they’re at it), having a pool party with it, and when that is all done, taking it to bed to spoon it while sleeping.

However, that dream is not the same for everyone.  Some players look to international competition as the most prestigious brand of hockey.  One of those players is Alex Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals.  With the 2014 Olympics set to take place in Sochi, Russia, Ovechkin has stated that he will quit the NHL to play in the games should the league not come to terms with the IIHF on a new agreement that would allow their players to participate in the marquee international event.

This could give the NHL extra incentive to get a deal in place which would allow players to participate in the 2014 Olympic Games.  The 2010 games in Vancouver will showcase the NHL’s talent on an international level, and in the previous three Winter Olympics, such competition has provided extraordinary battles and great results.

Russian players have often shown a great deal pride in their home country, which gives us reason to believe that others may follow a similar stance to that of Ovechkin.  This can be especially threatening to the NHL, which has already begun to see evidence of the KHL’s rise overseas.  Should the matter not be settled, it could provide further assistance to the growth of their rival league. And besides, who would Don Cherry make fun of should Ovie leave?

Here is a clip of his interview where he states his intentions to leave the NHL if it means playing in the 2014 Olympic Games.