LeBron James High School Scrapbooks On eBay For $250,000

LeBron James High School Scrapbooks On eBay For 250000kTotal Pro Sports – Are you looking to find some sports memorabilia on eBay, but want something a little more practical than Brett Favre‘s Ford F-150, Mushin Muhammad‘s 8,600 square-foot house, or Brewers pitcher Jeff Suppan?  We may have just the thing for you.

After watching LeBron James play in his first high school game, one man seemed to be sure that he had just watched basketball’s next big thing.  As a result, he began putting together a scrap book to remember the phenom’s pre-NBA days.  The man wrote the following comment on his eBay page:

I learned of LeBron’s situation with his father. I though to myself, “If I was LeBron’s father I would make a scrapbook of his games so I could remember his game playing days.” Little did I know when I started this collection it would end up being what it is. [eBay]

That is how it began, and several years later the scrapbook is now being sold on eBay for $250,000, or best offer.  That is a hefty price to pay for a scrap book, but with some people willing to spend $25,000 on a Tiger Woods Gatorade bottle, it may not be that big of a stretch.

So what do the 8 books of 500 laminated pages consist of?

Scrapbook #1- 31 laminated pages with newspaper clippings, ticket stubs, internet articles, and one green season ticket stub with LeBron’s autograph (top right hand picture – he was a junior) – These are from his sophmore and junior seasons.  There is also an email I sent to the Akron Beacon Journal wanting to know why they weren’t covering LeBron any better than they were.

That is just a sample of one of the books.  For the rest, visit the eBay page here.

I wonder how long it will be until this guy makes a scrapbook based on Jordan Crawford’s dunk over LeBron?

View the rest of the Scrapbook pics at – [Steady Burn]

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