Subaru WRX Flips Multiple Times In Scary Rally Car Crash

Subaru WRX Flips Multiple Times In Scary Rally Car Crash

Total Pro Sports – We have seen why Rally Car Racing can be a frightening sport at times.  Whether the drivers are coming inches away from having their head decapitated by a tree, or falling hundreds of feet down a mountain, there is no shortage of terrifying events that may occur during these races.

In this clip, a driver of a Subaru WRX encounters a similar fate to those who have previously seen their life flash before their eyes.  As he flies over a bump in the road at incredible speeds, the front of his car gets under him, causing the vehicle to lose control, spin sideways, and flip several times (we counted at least seven rotations).

The condition of the driver is unknown, but he would be lucky to avoid suffering a similar fatal outcome to NASCAR’s Carlos Pardo or Formula 2 driver Henry Surtees.  When these individuals step into their cars, they know that there is a high level of risk associated with their occupations.  I guess that’s just the price they pay sometimes for fulfilling their need for speed.  I think I’ll stick with speed limit driving for now.

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