Who Needs A Golf Cart When You’ve Got Llamas?

Llamas for golf caddiesAre you lacking the thrill of standing inches from a Charles Barkley drive?  Want to experience exciting, like a Leif Olsen bank-shot hole-in-one?  Need something different, like an inflatable penis watching as you golf with Michael Jordan?  North Carolina has just the thing!

Llamas for caddies!

We may have over-exaggerated the thrill and excitement levels just a tad, but you have to admit, that sure is different.

Sherwood Forest Golf Course, which is located in Cedar Mountain, North Carolina, offers the llama’s as caddies on Tuesdays for $40.  Just don’t expect them to chose your club for you.

This is quite the unique idea, but think of the downfalls.  Who is going to clean up what the llama’s leave behind?  And what about all those things a caddy usually does for you that a llama can’t?  And most importantly, who the hell knows how to drive a llama?

Have you ever seen something so weird?  Oh yeah, John Daly!

North Carolina Golf Course Rents Llamas as Personal Caddies – [FanHouse]

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