Erin Andrews 911 Call About The Paparazzi (Full Audio)

Erin Andrews 911 Call About Paparazzi

Total Pro Sports – It’s remarkable the damage one nude amateur video can cause to a single person.

Erin Andrews, sideline reporter for ESPN, was recently exposed in a peephole video taken by an unknown individual while she was naked in her hotel room.  As if her privacy hadn’t been invaded enough in that single instance, she is now drawing even more attention from the media, sports fans, and everyone else who is interested in hot blonds with great bodies.

It is now fair to say that such exposure has been taken overboard as she was recently forced to call 911 after a couple of individuals were spotted stalking her outside her home.

The emergency call has been retrieved by TMZ and is making its way around the internet much like the original peephole video that caused this whole mess.  While we all enjoy covering everything that has anything to do with Erin Andrews (eating pulled pork sandwiches or a five second camera shot of an ass just isn’t interesting without her), I must admit that after listening to the recording of her call I can now sympathize with her and what she is going through.  After all, she is “being treated like Britney Fucking Spears,” as stated by Erin herself.

Contrary to what Jason Whitlock may have you believe, I would object to the notion that our previous obsession with this beauty of the sporting world has caused all the resulting damage.  When Erin is out covering sporting events, she is well aware that the world is watching.  Yes, we are going to comment on how a particular outfit makes her body look great, or how her chin looks great after taking a foul ball off it.  There is no harm in such statements.  In fact, most would be flattered to hear such.  It is when individuals act on such fantasies that problems arise.

Let’s face it.  The man who taped the incident was a pervert, and has invaded the privacy of many other women who have not been covered by us sports bloggers (the man who videotaped the incident and put up the clip had many other movies of random women on his site as well).  The two creeps waiting outside Erin’s house have issues.  Please don’t attribute their stupidity to this or any other blog that has written something on Erin Andrews.

What I am trying to say here is that a video of a woman in private came out when it shouldn’t have.  Some people who should not have seen it did.  It is a shame (and I’m sure ESPN and Andrews’ lawyers are still on the case), but can we move one?  Although beautiful and famous, Erin is a person with a family and a life.  Perhaps the same can not be said about those who continue to stalk her in front of her house, but can they at least find someone else to bother?  May I suggest Britney Spears?

Video Clip Via – [TMZ]

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