Fans At Angel Stadium Exchange Beers, Punches In Fight

Baseball Fight in Stands - Angels - IndiansTotal Pro Sports – It is one of the greatest sins a baseball fan can commit while watching a game.  After paying somewhere around $10 for those overpriced beers they sell at ballgames these days, to just waste it by throwing it on another fan is ludicrous.  If you are going to fight, then fight (like they do in Philly).  Having kids there to watch is fine by us, but leave the beer out of it.

During Monday’s game between the Cleveland Indians and the Los Angeles Angels, two fans were engaged in a shouting match when members of security (who for some odd reason were wearing the strangest of hats) arrived to break it up.  That did not stop one of the guys from throwing his beer on his larger counterpart.  As you may have guessed, all hell broke loose after that.

To the guy’s credit, he must have been aware that he would not be allowed to stay and finish his beer anyways, and therefore decided to put it to use somehow, but he would pay for that choice with a couple of punches to the face and a ripped shirt.  I guess that’s what $10 dollars will get you these days.

Hat Tip Video – [OC Register]

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