Manly Mascot Lives Up To His Name

Manly Mascot Lives Up To His NameTotal Pro Sports – The Manly Sea Eagles of the National Rugby League proved just how manly they really are, and they didn’t even need the services of their players to do so.  Demonstrating their machismo for the club, which is based on the northern beaches of Sydney, Australia, was none other than their mascot, which is appropriately an eagle.

Rather than displaying high-levels of testosterone by grinding with the clubs cheerleaders, like Willy the shark, the Manly Sea Eagle showed it with his fists.  That was unfortunate for one fan who thought that picking on a mascot was a good idea.  Think again!

Nine minutes from full-time, the Sea Eagles mascot was attacked inside the fence by a spectator, who wrestled him to the ground. But no Sea Eagle was losing last night, and the mascot eventually got to his feet and waved as the attacker was taken away by security. [League HQ]

That was how it was described by one news source, but video also shows the eagle getting in some nice shots of his own as he tackled the fan.  This was no accidental love tap to the face.  This was an all-out war and the mascot came out on top.  Even the Manly players and coaches seemed to be impressed.  They won the game by a score of 44-20, and it’s fair to say they won the war as well.

Here is the clip of the incident and the team enjoying the recreation of it afterwards.

Hat Tip Video – [The Sporting Blog]

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