Ronaldo Goes To Hospital For Broken Wrist, Stays For Liposuction

ronaldo1Total Pro Sports – Brazilian soccer star Ronaldo is far removed from his days of leading his home country to the World Cup championship.  Although he still finds ways to fill the opposition’s net with goals, he has been scrutinized by fans and the media for his increase in weight during the latter part of his career.  That should all change soon enough.

Reports are indicating that Ronaldo has undergone liposuction surgery at the São Luiz Hospital in Brazil.  He had originally planned to have the procedure done in December following the Brazilian season, but after breaking his wrist over the weekend (we don’t suspect it came on this embarrassing free kick attempt), he will be out for at least five weeks, and thus decided go forward with it now.

It was originally planned that he would have 1.6 liters of fat removed from his abdominal area, but doctors were only able to suck out 700ml in less than one hour.

So what type of Ronaldo should we expect upon his return to Corinthians?  While he may not be scoring Falcão-like goals at this stage in his career, he has shown that his feet still have some scoring touch left, as long as he can stay on them.

Hat Tip – [The Spoiler]

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