An Anthem For A Boston Cheat Party

An Anthem For A Boston Cheat PartyTotal Pro Sports – If I had to guess, I’d say this piece was made by a New Yorker.  No one is enjoying the recent news of Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz‘s positive drug tests from 2003 more than they are.

The rivalry between Boston and New York is an intense one.  New York held the upper hand for much of the ’90s with the Yankees taking home the World Series championship on a consistent basis (’96, ’98, ’99, ’00).  Then the tables began to turn as the New England Patriots, Boston Red Sox, and Boston Celtics brought home three, two and one league championships respectively, compared to the single Super Bowl won by the New York Giants in 2008.  Now the people of NYC have something to cheer about again, and it has nothing to do with the success of their teams.

With the news of Ortiz and Ramirez being booked for steroid use just one year prior to the Red Sox 2004 championship, Boston now has yet another taint attached to one of their city’s trophies.  The New England Patriots Super Bowl victories became the subject of scrutiny following Bill Belichick and the NFL’s famous “spygate”, which resulted in fines and the loss of a first-round draft pick for the Pats, who were taping opponents’ defensive signals and they also recorded footage of the St. Louis Rams walk-through practice prior to Super Bowl XXXVI.

Following Alex Rodriguez’s admission to using steroids, fans in Boston couldn’t be happier.  Their number one enemy was now an easy target.  Now these recent developments have certainly turned the tables, and amateur singer Ryan Parker has just the solution to Boston’s cheating:

Gather up all the trophies, and throw them in the sea!

As for the Boston Bruins, no controversy there.  Of course, you need to win for people to accuse you of cheating.  Maybe they should consider following in the footsteps of the Pats and Sox.

Here is the anthem for a Boston cheat party.  Enjoy!

Hat Tip Video – [Ryan Parker Songs] Via [Extra Mustard]

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