Chinese Soccer Ref Runs For His Life As Angry Players Chase Him Down

Chinese Soccer Ref Runs For His Life As Angry Players Chase Him Down

Total Pro Sports – It has been proven before by porn star Natalia Zeta and Mexican international coach Javier Aguirre, that sometimes the real action in soccer games occurs off the pitch, rather than on it.  That was somewhat true in a recent game played in Shandong, China.

During the match between Tianjin and Bejing, tempers flared after the ref showed a Tianjin player a red card for stomping on an opponent.  The ejected player and his teammates did not take kindly to the decision, even though it was the correct one.

Zhao Shitong, the stomper, was given a lifetime ban from the Chinese Football Association for chasing referee He Zhibiao off the field and attacking him, but he was not the only one to be disciplined for his part in the incident:

Goalkeeper Li Gen and midfielder Hao Tengjiao, who chased the referee off the pitch, were each given three-year bans.  Two other players were banned for 30 months, two for two years, one for 10 matches and one for five matches. An official from Tianjin Teda, the local Chinese Super League club, was also banned for a year. [The Guardian]
As for the ref, he would be okay thanks to his impressive speed.  Luckily none of the Tianjin players were able to tackle him like this ref.
Here is a clip of the incident with a good explanation.
Hat Tip Video – [The Spoiler]

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