Despite Being A Lion, The Party Goes On For Matthew Stafford

Matthew Stafford has been doing quite a bit of partying this off-season and who can blame him.  With a full season under center for the Detroit Lions on the horizon, he may want to do all the celebrating he can now, because it may be his last chance.

Partying is not something characteristic of an 0-16 team, but don’t tell Stafford that.  Not too long ago we showed you a picture of the Lions quarterback, and first overall selection in this years draft, partying it up with some rather nice looking ladies.  Now more pictures of the fun have surfaced.

Stafford can be seen taking back some beers on a boat, grinding with some sexy young ladies, and eventually taking one into the nearby forest.  Good idea Matt.  You may want to hide in there for the next couple of seasons.  Anything to get out of playing in Detroit.

Whether Stafford can step up in his rookie season like Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco did last year remains in doubt, as he will not have the team behind him to achieve what they did.  And while Flacco is picking off frisbees in the air with passes, maybe Stafford can get his own NFL Fantasy Files commercial.

So why should we take Stafford on our fantasy team?  Because if he can pick up receivers in the open field like he does with girls, he just might be in for a highly productive season.

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