Nude Photo Of Joe DiMaggio From 1940 Revealed!

Nude Photo Of Joe DiMaggio From 1940 RevealedTotal Pro Sports – As expected, it is not quite receiving the same type of attention as a nude Erin Andrews did, but it is interesting, nonetheless, to hear that a nude photo of Joe DiMaggio is being displayed at the “Hunted and Gathered” exhibition taking place in the Modernism gallery in San Francisco.

He may not be sporting a T.O.-like body, but that didn’t stop a soaking wet Joe from sporting a smile.  And just as you would expect from a 1940s nude photo, the bush is alive and well.

The photograph was grouped with others by Robert Flynn Johnson, curator emeritus of the Fine Arts Museum in San Francisco, as part of a collection of “quirky, anonymous photographs.”  And in case you were wondering where he would get such a pic, Johnson stated “I have friends in low places.”

View Joe DiMaggio Naked Photo Over At The – [San Francisco Chronicle]

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