Tony Romo Was Hitting Up Natalie Smith And Jessica Simpson At The Same Time?

natalie-smith-and-jessica-simpsonTotal Pro Sports – Maybe we weren’t right when we said that Tony Romo was working quickly as he rebounded off his loss of Jessica Simpson with the incredibly hot Natalie Smith.  It appears as though Tony was not working fast at all.  He was just cheating.

Us Weekly is reporting that sources indicate Romo and Smith were having an “emotional affair” months before the Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback broke up with Jessica.  They had been exchanging flirty text messages with each other and Romo even brought his secret lover backstage at one of Jessica’s concerts.

“Jessica Simpson exuberantly announced Tony Romo — ‘the man who loves me!’ — was at her Feb. 6 concert.”

“Backstage that night, Romo would introduce her to Natalie Smith, a younger, skinnier look-alike of the singer, who, multiple sources tell Us Weekly, he had been sending ‘flirty texts’ to for months while still dating Simpson. (Smith is the daughter of the associate athletic director at Romo’s alma mater, Eastern Illinois University.)”

“‘We hung out for, like 10 to 15 minutes, backstage,’ Smith tells Us Weekly (on stands today). ‘She was cool and nice.'” [US Weekly]

So now there is only one question left for us to ask.  If Romo was cheating on Jessica with Natalie, then after he broke up with Jessica and got rather close with Michelle Johnson, doesn’t that mean he cheated on his new blond bombshell as well?  Maybe it is still true.  The man really does work quickly.

Hat Tip – [Sports Crackle Pop]

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