You Can Now Enjoy A Breakfast With Terrell Owens

You Can Now Enjoy A Breakfast With Terrell OwensTotal Pro Sports – Popcorn is no longer the only food that Terrell Owens is endorsing these days.  He now has his face on the cover of T.O.’s Honey Toasted Oats.  What better way to drive potential buyers away.

From the brand that has previously brought you Flutie Flakes, the Pitsburgh-based PLB Sports have now turned their attention to the newly acquired Buffalo Bills wide receiver.  Fans stood outside a Rochester supermarket yesterday, chanting the letters “T. O.” and awaiting the unveiling of the breakfast cereal.  It’s what Superstars like Terrell (and perhaps Joanna Krupa) eat!

When asked about having his own brand of cereal, Owens responded, “I’m very honored and humbled.  I feel more pressure selling these boxes of T.O.’s than I do scoring touchdowns.”

I wonder if that was what he offered his real estate agent for breakfast after their wild night together.  His new house must be filled with boxes of his own cereal, as you would expect from someone with such an self-indulging ego.

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