Kyle Loza Lands The Electric Death During Best Trick At X-Games 15

Kyle Loza Lands The Electric Death During Best Trick At X-Games 15

Total Pro Sports -Yesterday during the “Big Air” BMX event, Anthony Napolitan became the first rider ever to land a Double Front-Flip. If you thought that was amazing then you haven’t seen anything yet.

During the “Best Trick Event” at X-Games 15 in Los Angeles, American Kyle Loza pulled off a spectacular trick called the “Electric Death”.  This was his second straight year that he performed his antics  to win the event.  Loza now has won 3 consecutive years and continues to hold the title in the “Best Trick Event” at X-Games.

Luckily for Kyle Loza he landed the trick and didn’t faceplant as did Cameron Sinclair.  Although spectators were highly fascinated with his jump, indicated by the “ooohs” and “ahhhs” of the crowds, the announcers seemed little  impressed with Loza’s trick.  They were more concerned with innovative style then the success of the trick.

“Now innovation is supposed to be the payoff, allthough it was a great trick it was one he did before.”

Let’s be serious; this trick was spectacular! Innovative or not, I would like to see any of the announcers try and complete feat at least once in their lifetime, let alone  2 years in a row.

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