Tiger Woods Releases Some Gas On His Way To The Buick Open Victory

Tiger Woods Releases Some Gas On His Way To The Buick Open VictoryTotal Pro Sports – In what may be the final Buick Open event for the PGA Tour, Tiger Woods closed it out in fashion by winning his third title at Warwick Hills, and let’s just say he didn’t do it quietly.

Woods shot an impressive -20, three strokes ahead of the next closest competitor.  That allowed him to relax in the latter stages of the final round, but he may have taken that just a bit too far.  Waiting for the group ahead of him on the fairway, footage shows Tiger approach his caddy, Steve Williams, lift his leg, let one rip, and laugh it off.  Maybe now David Feherty should ask him if he feels like a loser.

We can’t be certain whether Tiger does in fact pass gas, but a fart-like noise can also be heard in the audio, as well as laughing from the individuals watching it.  However, they could just be laughing at the thought of people like us buying into their homemade editing.

So now we are left wondering how true this clip really is.  We have seen stranger things at the golf course, like celebratory boob grabs.  Just don’t expect this to make Tiger’s top ten any time soon.

With reports indicating that Buick may cut its ties with the PGA Tour, the victory meant that much more to Tiger:

“I’ve played all around the world, and I’ve never seen a day like this.  This event has always been special, but today was something else.” [TSN.ca]

And now it is gone with the wind, much like Woods’ gas.  You can hear it at the 13 second mark.

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