Alex Ovechkin: Sex Before And After The Game Really Helps

alex-ovechkin-to-quit-nhl-for-2014-olympicsTotal Pro Sports – Anyone who has witnessed Alex Ovechkin on the ice will undoubtedly notice the skill and reckless abandon that he plays with.  So what’s his secret?

Sex!  Yes, it is that simple.

Rather than use steroids, like many MLBers have chosen to do, Ovechkin enjoys the pleasure of a woman before and after games in order to improve his play.

We had previously posted a clip from his interview with Russia Today where the Washington Capitals’ star stated he’d be willing to leave the NHL if it meant playing in the 2014 Olympics.  Now we have the full interview, and it appears as though there are some other interesting things that Alex would like to share with us.

Approximately 5:40 into the interview, Ovechkin is asked by the female reporter, “How do you prepare for the game?  Is it true you can’t have sex before the match?”  And for his response:

“Sex Really helps actually…Before and after.”

Ovechkin is not currently my favorite player, but he has just made a strong case for himself.

Here is the full interview.

Hat Tip Video – [Puck Daddy]

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